6 Steps to Catch More Opt-ins Than Ever Before

Remember that when you have new visitors at your website, your #1 goal is to get them on your ezine list! That way you have permission to contact them again and again, educating them about your helpful services and products that they came to learn more about.

But you canít just put up a link that says ìfree newsletterî. No one cares! You need to carefully craft an opt-in box that works like a big net, catching the exact type of ìfishî you want as your ideal clients and customers.

Also remember, donít hide your box at the bottom of your web pages. Right now, most testing shows that the best place for your opt-in box is the upper right cornerÖ loud and proud bounce house rental in Mississippi!

Here are six simple things you should have in your opt-in box that will help you get more signups than ever before.

1) An Attention-Getting HEADLINE

Remember that online readers SKIM copy – they donít read it word for word. So the headline in your opt-in box may be the ONLY thing they read, which determines whether they sign up or not. So donít waste this space saying something like ìFree Newsletterî or even worseÖ ìSign up for our mailing list.î Ugh! Instead, tell me the MOST exciting thing your ezine will give me!

ìAre You Ready to Blast Off Your SALES This Year?î
ìFINALLY: Learn How to Keep That Weight Off For Goodî
ìInsider Secrets to Writing Novels for Big Bucksî

2) A Raving Description of Your Ezine

Work hard at putting together a description of your ezine that gets prospects excited to sign up! Remember theyíre tuned into station WIIFM (îWhatís In It For ME?î). Tell them what your information is going to DO for them as well as everything they GET. Examples: How-to articles, quick and easy tips, free resources, insider secrets. Aim for your description to be between 15 and 30 words.

3) A Field to Enter Their FIRST NAME.

Getting peopleís names along with their e-mails allows you to personalize your ezine for them. For example, if I was on your list, your e-mail would come to me saying, ìDear AliÖî The subject line could even say, ìAli, hereís your free tipî. Why do you want to do this? Studies prove that having the recipientís name in the subject line of your e-mails can increase your open rates by 60%!

The problem is, many people value their privacy and are hesitant to give you their full name. For this reason, just ask for their FIRST name. Itís been proven that youíll get MORE names from people if you only ask for the first name. (And their first name is generally all youíll need anyway.)

4) A Field to Enter Their Primary EMAIL ADDRESS.

Many people have a backup or personal e-mail address that they use just for receiving <a href=”http://www.ezinequeen.com”>online newsletters</a> and promotions. The problem is they are often from free e-mail services like Yahoo or Hotmail. These services filter e-mail like crazy, and their mailboxes fill up quickly, so thereís a good chance your e-mails wonít even reach these recipients.

The solution is, simply ask for their primary e-mail. Itís amazing, but simply ASKING them to enter their primary e-mail will get you more quality e-mails on your list! (Youíll also get less bounce-backs from undeliverable e-mails. If you get too many of those, it raises a red flag to some spam filter programs.)

5) A BUTTON That Says ìSubscribeî or ìSign Me Up Nowî

Make it very clear what they should click on to activate their subscription once they type in their name and email. Donít use something confusing like a link that says ìsubmit formî.

6) Your PRIVACY POLICY, right then and there.

Everyoneís scared to receive more spam these days, so put your prospects at ease. Donít make them wonder what youíre going to do with their e-mail addresses. State right next to or below your opt-in form what your policy is. Mine is, ìWe will never sell, rent, trade, or share your e-mail with any other organization.î (Feel free to use that yourself.) DONíT make people click on a link to read your privacy policy – it looks like you have something to hide. In fact, in some U.S. states, itís now required that you state your privacy policy right at the point of opt-in, so itís a good idea no matter where you do business.

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