Starting a Stockpile- Taking Advantage of Catalina Promotions

by Tia on March 9, 2010 · 3 comments

Starting a STOCKPILE is fundamental to saving BIG on your grocery budget. It is your best tool to keep yourself in budget monthly and affords you flexibility to skip the stores when life demands. For me it also provides a sense of security. We could easily eat for a month should a job loss or a natural disaster require it.

This month in National Frozen Foods Month and many grocery stores are hosting Catalina promotions where buying $30 in Frozen Foods will net you a $10 Catalina coupon (or similar). What is a Catalina coupon? It is a white register tape coupon that prints from a small white box next to the cash register AFTER you pay for your items. How do you maximize your savings with a Catalina coupon? You roll it of course! Rolling means to use your first coupon to buy the required items and get another of the same coupon. Rolling these coupons this month will help you fill your freezer for less and open your budget in the coming weeks to build your stockpile in other areas.

Generally our family does not purchase or eat a lot of pre-packaged frozen foods, but if I can stock up on frozen veggies and treat the kids to some ice cream and fruit pops for a savings of greater than 50% I will be able to also save on the produce and snacks that I will not buy in their stead. Saving me money now and later. I will also have some happy boys who love a fruit Popsicle even when it is raining and “cold”.

Does the promotion list and coupon match up seem like a lot of work? Well it is but the good news is you can find a lot of the work done for you already! I have and will have the Albertsons Promotions all month and you can find the Vons/Safeway deals at The Krazy Coupon Lady, Save at Home Mommy and Moneywise Moms. The last two even have a master link list to others sharing their deals with you too! Note- Vons/Safeway definitely gets bonus points for having a better coupon policy with this promotion. Your coupon savings does not affect your catalina so if you spend $30 BEFORE coupons you get the $10 coupon. At Albertsons it is AFTER coupons.

Doing 2-4 small transactions can fill your freezer for a fraction of the cost and I generally use that last Catalina coupon either on milk and meat I planned to purchase anyway or I work it into the following weeks budget.

Do you take advantage of the Catalina promotions for Frozen Foods Month? How much do you save?

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